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Welcome to the Sensations of 30 Touches!


This is a friendly, low pressure community for writers and fan-artists to develop their writing and/or drawing skills. This community was inspired by the 30_kisses, 30_kills, 30_romances, 30_cracks, and 30_lemons communities.

The main idea is the same as that of the above communities. Just sign up for your pairing at THIS POST. Make sure to check the Claimed section before requesting. For the duration of the 30 themes, the characters will be yours to manipulate, after which they are free for anyone to use. That is to say that after you have completed your 30 works of art and/or fictions/drabbles, the pairings will be up for grabs again.


Kisses, romances, kills, cracks and lemons are encouraged in the communities previously mentioned. Likewise, here, Touches should be included. The main theme behind all the fictions and fanart is "Touch". Interpret it as you will.


This community might contain mature content. However, we will not limit what you are to read, so please surf at your discretion. Yaoi/slash/boy love, het and yuri are all encouraged and welcomed, but flaming is NOT permitted. Be open-minded here, please. Also, have fun!

The Themes:
; means or

001.Consequences; Liquid 002.Rub the wrong way; Possessive 003.Hesitant / Nervous; Beautiful
004.Wise; Permission 005.Deadly; Decisive 006.Teasing; Playful; Timing
007.Encouraging; Never let go 008.Punishing; Revenge 009.Prayer; Accepting
010.Obsessive; Invade 011.Stranger; Accidental 012.Loving; Playful
013.Electric; Exhaustive 014.Tough love; "It’s for your own good." 015.Wild; Primal
016.Ample; Real; Survive 017.Destined; Spread
018.Under the skin; Annoying; "Leave me alone."
019.Drunken; Uninhibited 020.(Waking) Dream; Tremble 021.Powerful; Overwhelming
022.Velocity; Careful; Gradual 023.Hopeful; Encounter 024.Asleep; Strain
025.The first time; Sensual 026.Unwanted; Opposed 027.Firm; Compensate
028.Prone; Temptation 029.Demanding; Callous 030.Golden; Desire

These can be used to replace any six of the obove themes, or used as extra themes if you wish to do more than 30.

Bonus 001.Author’s choice Bonus 002.Flush; Grind Bonus 003.Dessert; Curl; Steady
Bonus 004.Floating; Disappoint Bonus 005.Break apart; Put together Bonus 006.Plant; Never; Memorable


1. Similar to most of the 30_themes communities above, you do not have to follow the themes in any order. Just do it as inspiration hits.

2. Take as long as you wish, but try to post something once every two months. If you remain inactive for more than two months, your pairing will be put back to the drawing board for others to claim. If you are going missing for two months or more, please comment at THIS POST requesting an extension.

3. Each participant may claim up to two couples at a time. However, if you wish to claim two couples, they must be from different fandoms. Once you complete your 30 themes, that couple will be fair game for anyone else who wishes to claim them. *Note - claiming two couples means you're expected to do all 30 themes for each couple.*

Exception -- collaborations are allowed, but keep it to a maximum of two people. This means that you work together to do one set of 30 themes, not that you each do 30 on your own. The couple will count as one couple for each of you, and the fandom rule still applies.

4. Threesomes are allowed. However, you must claim the threesome with a main couple in mind, with the third as an extra.

Crossovers, however, are not allowed at this time.

5.To request a couple, please respond to THIS POST with the subject line "Request". Please make sure you include the full names of both characters and the fandom that they are from! Also, please check the list of claimed couples first to make sure they haven't already been taken.

Also, if you have already requested one couple, and would like to request another, make a new comment thread instead of replying to your old comment.

6. When you are done with a couple or decide that you can't/don't want to finish, please leave a comment in THIS POST so that couple can quickly be freed up for someone else.

7. When a couple is claimed, that counts for both writing and art. You can do either one or the other, or both if you want to.

8. Interpret the themes as you will. Any word can mean anything and you can warp the meaning until it fits your needs... whatever those are. Just remember, the general theme of "Touches" must be involved somehow. It doesn't need to be the main focus, but it's got to be in there one way or another. The interpretation of what constitutes as a "Touch," however, is entirely up to you.

9. The style of your entries is entirely up to you. The length of the story/fiction doesn't matter; it's the content that counts. Likewise for artists, it can be a rough sketch, or a really complicated piece of artwork that you've spent ages on. As long as you capture the theme inside it, it's all good.

10. Don't worry too much about something being good or not good enough to post. Don't be too hard on yourself.

11. You can use work that you've already done and made public, but don't do this too often, because it defeats the whole purpose. This community is for creating new things.

12. Please post all your works of art and fiction behind lj-cuts, whether fake or otherwise. When posting, try to follow this format as much as possible,

Theme(s): (include the # number and full theme)
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed):
Summary (if needed):

(picture/fiction behind an lj-cut or linked to your journal/webspace etc.)

13. All ratings are welcome here! HOWEVER, anything of an R or higher rating ABSOLUTELY MUST be put behind an LJ-cut and clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut!

14. If you're posting something with more than one chapter, it's up to you whether you want to post a chapter at a time, or wait until you've finished the whole thing.

15. Plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated. Be original. If you suspect someone of plagiarizing, please respond in THIS POST, and make sure to follow the directions.

16. Feedback is wonderful, but it should always be constructive! We're here to help and encourage each other! Flaming is not allowed and may result in a ban. If you are subject to or see an incident of flaming, please respond to THIS POST, and follow the directions.

17. Please remember to tag your entries. Tags are added to the list when you make a claim, so all you need to do is to click on edit tag and search for your tag. If it is not there by the time you make your first post, and it has been more than two days since you made your claim, respond to THIS POST requesting a tag.

Claimed Couples

Tin Man

Wyatt Cain / DG - slayergirl21